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Netflix shows its support for parents with new policy

A pregnant woman holding a clipboard and a pen

The United States is one of the few countries left that doesn’t mandate paid maternity leave, but that hasn’t stopped Netflix from developing a strong support structure for new parents.        On Tuesday, Netflix announced a new company policy that allows its employees to take as much maternity or paternity leave as needed in the… Read More

Teen suicide: The double-edged sword of social media

Teens and parents struggle in separate yet equal ways; the former must learn to grow and adjust to new life experiences, while the latter must keep those experiences in check. Finding a balance between these can prove difficult and sometimes tragic.   Motivated by the shame of a video taken by her father, 13-year-old Izabel… Read More

California passes bill ending “personal belief” exemptions for vaccinations

Glove holding needle with vaccination inside

The state of California has made significant progress in the nationwide vaccination battle. Spurred to action by a recent measles outbreak, Senate Bill 227 passed by a 25-10 vote that will make vaccinations mandatory for all California school children.   Previously, parents had the right to opt out of vaccinating their children on the grounds… Read More

Daddy issues: Ashton Kutcher draws attention to fatherhood struggles

There is no shortage of things to complain about when it comes to public restrooms. However, there’s one issue in particular that’s made its way into the spotlight thanks to some celebrity attention: the scarcity of changing tables in men’s public restrooms.   Actor and new dad, Ashton Kutcher, recently spoke up about the problem… Read More

The Modern Man: How The National At-Home Dad Network is Challenging Gender Norms and Crushing Societal Stereotypes

Originally started by three stay-at-home dads with the goal of creating an organization committed to supporting at-home dads all over the country, The National At-Home Dad Network (NAHDN) – formerly Daddyshome, Inc. – has grown into one of the largest organizations of at-home dads, a fact which was more than evident following this year’s 19th Annual… Read More

Hi-Tech Parenting: How the Sproutling Baby Monitor Can Transform How Parents Care for Their Babies

From internet-surfing to photo-taking glasses to fitness tracking bracelets, wearable technology is all about making our lives easier by changing how we can utilize technology for different purposes like taking care of our bodies or easily accessing information on the go. Now with the latest development in wearable technology, a whole new aspect of life… Read More