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Most noteworthy fashion statements on the runway this season

Runway season has officially begun. As with fashion seasons past, designers and makeup artists are recognizing the public desire to see something fresh. Once again, they are seeking ways to push the envelope and give their audiences what they crave. It’s a task that only gets harder each season, as past runway shows consistently set the… Read More

The Devil Wears a Helmet: Highlights from a Galactic Paris Fashion Week


Looking forward to the future sounds like a cliche, but it just may be the c’est la vie for the fashion world. Following the 2014 Paris Fashion Week, the commercial world of fashion was forced to say goodbye to some of the greats and look forward to just that — the future. Designer Jean Paul… Read More

Fashion Calendar: Spring/Summer 2015 Fashion Shows You Should Know

As summer comes to a close in the real world, the season is just beginning for the fashion world. During the first few weeks of fall, we will see designer’s collections for the upcoming year as they debut their Spring and Summer clothing lines at Fashion Weeks around the globe, namely in the top most… Read More

Top 5 Trends: Fall/Winter 2014 Paris Fashion Week

The runways at Fashion Week events around the world are always the best places to check out the next season’s hottest trends — once three or more designers feature similar designs in terms of color, fabric or tailoring, you know then that a trend is born.  Below is our short list of five best fashion… Read More