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5 PR lessons we can learn from Wells Report on Deflategate

Side profile shot of Tom Brady during an NFL game with the Patriots

This month, the Wells Report on the “Deflategate” incident that occurred earlier this year was released to the public. The intent of this 243 page report was to present all the evidence surrounding the deflation of Patriot footballs before their game with the Colts. Mixed reactions followed the release of the report, but some public relations… Read More

NFL Week 17 Preview: Putting a Bow (and a Lambeau and Dwayne Bowe) on 2014

Most of us have a few more days of indulgence before we get serious about trimming the holiday fat, but we can get things started with this week’s NFL slate. While Sunday’s schedule is fully loaded and fully bloated (no Thursday, Saturday, or Monday nighters), we can help you push some items off your plate,… Read More

NFL Week 13 Preview: Stuffing as Much Football on Our Plate as Possible…and Loving All of It

Tony Romo (AP)

We hope everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving and that you are still blissfully floating somewhere in the time-turkey continuum. This is a scientific phenomenon that occurs every Thanksgiving week — when the days blend together in a foggy state of tryptophan, carbs, adult beverages, extended family interaction, awkward high school reunions, and football.  This writer has never… Read More