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Shredding inequality and stereotypes in Afghanistan through skateboarding

Language is an essential component of public relations — representing brands, quelling crises, and being able to communicate important thoughts, ideas, and messages to audiences. In a field that is concerned primarily with communication in all of its forms, it’s essential for PR practitioners to recognize the power not just of verbal communication, but nonverbal,… Read More

The Secret to Everything: How to Take Your Instagram to the Next Level

Instagram and other social media applications have increased visability into everyone’s daily lives. With more people watching, there is more of an urge to make sure you look good. That means strategic photos, and more importantly, quality photos.  All of a sudden, we have seen a shift from the usual family photo to more selfies,… Read More

Garry Winogrand Exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

With the polarization of digital cameras, capturing truly candid moments are rare. Those moments when the true reality of a moment is captured in a snapshot, but when they are captured they hold a certain weight and character that speaks for itself. Garry Winogrand, a renowned photographer, became famous for capturing the reality of life… Read More

How to Get More Likes on Instagram

Confession time: everyone wants more likes on Instagram. Anyone who says differently tends not to post or does not even have an account. Likes, however, can be quite elusive. However, thanks to Cosmopolitan and some research done by various sources, there are a few sure fire ways we put to the test that generated the more likes.… Read More

Instagram Deleted Accounts: the Debate Over Checkbox Censorship

Censorship is a difficult thing to regulate on the Internet, and becomes even more controversial when people’s personal beliefs are as stake. The Internet itself is not regulated; however, particular sites can choose what content they include online and what they block.   One site that has been taking stronger measures to control what is… Read More

Fashion Photographer Oye Diran Creates Arista Imagery, A Bold Vision Beyond That Of Any Dream

Writer’s Note: This article is the first in a “Standout Entrepreneurs” series that focuses on individuals whose intellectual prowess and successful ventures are making an impact across the industry segments they represent.   Oye Diran is a self-taught photographer in New York City (NYC) who has created quite the name for himself. He began his… Read More