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Jay-Z and Weinstein Co. Team Up for Trayvon Martin Film Projects

The Weinstein Company has partnered with Jay-Z to make a series of films in memory of the Trayvon Martin. “Suspicion Nation: The Inside Story of the Trayvon Martin,” Injustice was written by Lisa Bloom, an American Civil Rights Attorney and daughter of well-known attorney Gloria Allred. “Rest in Power: The Enduring Life of Trayvon Martin,”… Read More

NYPD implements new policy for reporting use of force

crowd of NYPD officers

The New York City Police Department’s Commissioner, William Brotton, announced on Thursday that the NYPD will enforce a policy that requires its officers to report most instances of force used on civilians.       Before this policy was announced, the NYPD had very few guidelines for reporting and tracking their officers’ use of force. The NYPD… Read More

Sandra Bland had marijuana in her system: 3 reasons that’s irrelevant

Side by side of Sandra Bland (right) and her body being carted out of jail (left)

In the weeks following the mysterious death of Sandra Bland, it almost feels like we have developed more questions than we have received answers. New developments recently surfaced in the investigation of her death — specifically a toxicology report — that indicate Bland had considerable amounts of THC in her system. Investigators believe this could indicate… Read More

#IfIDieinPoliceCustody goes viral following Sandra Bland’s mysterious death

Sandra Bland (left), and footage of her arrest (right)

The internet has become a campfire around which people can gather to share their thoughts, grief, and concerns. #blacklivesmatter came out as a result of the tragic deaths of African Americans like Michael Brown and Eric Garner. Now, it seems that movement has taken its next logical step.   On July 10, Officers in Waller… Read More

Amnesty International report shows United States lack laws regulating lethal force by police

A situation between a police man and a citizen providing resistance.

With police shootings higher this year than ever before, it’s no surprise that the United States failed international standards for the use of lethal force by law enforcement.   A recent report by Amnesty International suggests that it isn’t required in the United States for police to make preservation of life a priority. Deadly force… Read More

Shoot first, ask questions later: Is walking now a crime?

Last Tuesday, Ryan Keith Bolinger was shot and killed in Des Moines, Ill., by Officer Vanessa Miller. Bolinger’s crime was walking toward the officer’s squad car.   According to Sgt. Jason Halifax at the press conference that followed the shooting, Bolinger was “walking with a purpose” towards the police cruiser. This “purpose” is yet to be… Read More

Excessive force?: Police shootings increase at an alarming rate

We are halfway through the year 2015, and already the U.S. police have shot and killed almost 400 people this year.   According to statistics collected by the Washington Post, 385 people have been killed by police officers during the first five months of this year. When averaged out, these killings occurred more than twice… Read More

Black Lives Matter movement strengthens in wake of police shooting

After the Ferguson protests over the shooting of unarmed Michael Brown by police, it seemed like officers were going to be more careful about firing their weapons.   In the wake of yet another shooting of not one but two unarmed black men, it seems as though changes have yet to be seen.   Last Thursday, step-brothers… Read More