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Alexis Bortell: The 12-Year-Old Suing Jeff Sessions

The legalization of cannabis has become nothing short of a social issue. Quite like the pro-life movement, pro-choice movement and the pro-NRA crowd, cannabis legalization has a vast network of both pro-legalization and anti-legalization advocates. Several notable personalities and politicians, Bernie Sanders, Susan Sarandon, and rapper/activist Killer Mike to name a few of many, have… Read More

A Duet of A Different Kind: Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Tweets”

In awards shows of all types, the hosts usually aren’t too political and are instead humorous and lampoon various individuals who are also attending the award ceremony. Regardless of which awards ceremony is being aired, whether it be The ESPY’s, The Teen Choice Awards or even The Oscars, humor is always appreciated instead of political… Read More

Dallas Marijuana March 2017

Of the many polarizing subjects that have been debated for decades, none have quite received as much attention and growing support as the legalization of cannabis. Support to legalize cannabis on a federal level has reached an all time high for many reasons beyond simply teenagers wanting to get high. Instead, the majority of Americans… Read More

Congressman Beto O’Rourke: Campaigning Without PAC’s

It’s no surprise whatsoever that money almost owns Washington and many prominent political campaigns, with good reason. After all the traveling, speeches, interviews, debates and PR events, political campaigns can be incredibly expensive. Since money doesn’t grow on trees, finances must be provided somewhere.   In comes political actions committees to the rescue. PAC’s, as… Read More

The Shark President?: Mark Cuban Seriously Considering Presidential Run

With this past very tumultuous presidential election where literally anything that could possibly happen did in fact happen and often with disastrous results, over 300 million Americans realized the very valid lesson that anything could happen and that literally anyone could be elected President of The United States regardless of political experience. When the game… Read More

Dallas to Implement Cite and Release Marijuana Program

Slowly but surely over time, cannabis is becoming more and more legalized while also becoming less feared and stigmatized. Many notable states and cities throughout the country are newly implementing various legislation to either decriminalize or legalize marijuana entirely. The noticeable differences between decriminalization and legalization are that in areas where marijuana is only decriminalized,… Read More