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A Strange Arrangement: Married During “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”

On February 28, 1994, the Clinton administration implemented a very controversial and somewhat discriminatory policy. Pretty much, the policy stated that discriminating against those who are openly homosexual was prohibited. Yet, the other clause of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” also stated that those who were already openly homosexual couldn’t serve their country.   Essentially, the… Read More

The New Restriction: Juul Vaporizer

Many states, Massachusetts and Oregon included, have set effect laws that have effectively changed the age that one must be to purchase tobacco products to 21, the same year one may drink legally. These states have put in these new regulations in an attempt to decrease the number of health-related issues that consuming tobacco products… Read More

A Highly New Business Frontier

November 8, 2016 will forever be a day of many mixed emotions in most Americans’ lives. While a controversial and loud-spoken populist was elected to the nation’s highest office, California, Nevada, and Massachusetts all moved forward with the legalization of marijuana to follow in the footsteps of the Pacific Northwest. In addition, two unlikely states,… Read More