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A Deadly Scandal: Kentucky Lawmaker Dan Johnson Commits Suicide Amid Sexual Molestation Scandal

The latter part of 2017 has been nothing short of dominated by allegations and occasional admissions of guilt about sexual harassment and assault by notable individuals in all types of industries. Almost no industry was safe from these incidents and many well-known and respected figures in their respective industries have been outed for their sexual… Read More

Another One Bites The Dust: Famous “Apprentice” Contestant Omarosa Manigault Leaves White House

We all should’ve anticipated that when a reality television star was elected to the highest office in the land, The White House along with modern American politics itself would essentially become a reality television show.   In the 11 months that Donald Trump has been our Oompa Loompa-in-Chief, the doors of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue have… Read More

Maple Leaf Marijuana: Canada’s Largest Pharmacy Chain to Sell Medical Cannabis

Quite like the current extremely complex and convoluted American political landscape, cannabis legalization has become a very relevant issue for our neighbors to the North. Similar to how President Obama expressed his support to legalize the plant, Canadian Prime Minister and worldwide heart-throb Justin Trudeau has expressed on many occasions his support for full legalization… Read More

Trolling of Another Kind: Cards Against Humanity Purchases Land on Border Wall

Even with the influx of many different types of digital entertainment devices, board and card games surprisingly still have a decent following among various demographics of players. Whether it’s family Monopoly night or poker with the guys, non-digital games has maintained it’s following and usage in the Millennial age of streaming, tweeting and Snapchatting everything.… Read More

Alexis Bortell: The 12-Year-Old Suing Jeff Sessions

The legalization of cannabis has become nothing short of a social issue. Quite like the pro-life movement, pro-choice movement and the pro-NRA crowd, cannabis legalization has a vast network of both pro-legalization and anti-legalization advocates. Several notable personalities and politicians, Bernie Sanders, Susan Sarandon, and rapper/activist Killer Mike to name a few of many, have… Read More

A Duet of A Different Kind: Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Tweets”

In awards shows of all types, the hosts usually aren’t too political and are instead humorous and lampoon various individuals who are also attending the award ceremony. Regardless of which awards ceremony is being aired, whether it be The ESPY’s, The Teen Choice Awards or even The Oscars, humor is always appreciated instead of political… Read More