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Best Online Tools for the Modern PR Pro

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Like it or not, the Internet has changed public relations. If you’re not educated about the newest tools available to you as a PR practitioner, or if you’re clinging to the old ways of the industry, you’re going to get left behind. There are hundreds of online tools out there (many of them free!) that… Read More

Corporate Responsibility is Good PR

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Enron, BP, Lehman Brothers: These are just a few examples of corporate social irresponsibility that have negatively affected the way the public views corporations. From Wall Street to Silicon Valley, corporations and the people who run them are losing the public’s trust. Consumers have access to more corporate information than ever, and consumers are increasingly loyal to… Read More

Do I Really Need a PR Company?

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The Internet has changed the way we do business, requiring marketers, advertisers, and public relations practitioners to rethink the way they send messages to the public and communicate through the media. Although the changes have been mostly positive, they’ve also caused a lot of confusion. The end result is that advertising, marketing, and public relations… Read More

Subaru, a Case Study For Car Makers: “Love” Versus Performance

For advertising to achieve its desired effect on the bite-sized attention spans that society has developed, advertisers and companies must pay close attention to the needs of consumers.   Car manufacturer Subaru taps into family values, particularly safety, in their “LOVE” campaign. The tagline that follows each 30 second spot spells out the feeling that… Read More

7 Simple Tips To Help You Go Facebook Viral

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Facebook defines “virality” as the percentage of people who created a story or post out of the total number of people who saw your post in a news feed or on your page. Brian Carter, internet marketer and Facebook analytics specialist, teamed up with marketing automation software company Marketo to create an eBook, “Contagious Content:… Read More