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The top 5 most damaging U.S. data breaches of 2015… so far

This year, many businesses and government organizations have fallen victim to hacker groups stealing personal information belonging to millions of people. Companies and organizations are starting to receive negative PR over large-scale data breaches, and it’s putting executive’s jobs and the businesses themselves at risk.        Out of the many cybersecurity attacks that have… Read More

The Ashley Madison breach: 4 things every PR pro can learn

Noel Biderman, Ashley Madison CEO

Last month, dating website Ashley Madison was hacked, and the personal information of millions of members was made public. Ever since the initial information breach took place, Ashley Madison has been facing a variety of public relations problems.     Ashley Madison may not be making the best public relations decisions, but there are a… Read More

Ashley Madison leaks continue to grow, and so do the lawsuits

Ashley Madison leak

In July, hackers started releasing customers’ personal data from the online dating site for people looking for an affair, Ashley Madison. Now, the data leak seems to have gotten much worse.       Last week, hackers leaked 20 gigabytes of data taken from the dating site, which was double the amount of information exposed only… Read More

Chrysler’s software flaw causes PR disaster

Interior of Chrysler vehicle

As technology grows, hacking becomes an increasingly bigger problem, and computers and phones are not the only targets — so are some Chrysler vehicles.   Last Tuesday, the automobile manufacturer Chrysler noticed a vulnerability in many of their 2013, 2014, and 2015 vehicles that are equipped with an 8.4 inch touchscreen. This vulnerability makes it possible… Read More

Senators move to end patriotism for profit in sports

Soldiers stand on a field during a 49ers football game.

Republicans and Democrats have found something they can both agree on: sports teams shouldn’t profit off of honoring the troops.   On Thursday, a group of bipartisan senators filed an amendment that could end patriotism for profit at sporting events. The amendment bans the Department of Defense from giving the taxpayers money to sports teams in… Read More

3 PR lessons we can learn from “The Briefcase”

In May, CBS aired the first episode of their new television show, “The Briefcase,” and controversy has surrounded the show since.   “The Briefcase,” created by Dave Boome, is a reality show that films two families with financial troubles. Each family is offered $101,000 and given the option to keep the money, split the money with another… Read More

H&M misspells word on shirt, shows why brands should sweat the small stuff

H&M store entry with brand logo

“Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.” …and apparently so is “genious.”   This is according to H&M, who recently made the awkward mistake of misspelling the word genius on a men’s t-shirt that featured the aforementioned famous words of Thomas Edison.   While online archives show that the shirt was being sold… Read More

5 of the most offensive and stupidest PR fails of 2015 so far

Reputation Management: Biggest PR fails of 2015 so far.

Its been a busy quarter one for major Public Relations blunders. Nowadays, it appears not a day goes by without a certain brand or individual making some unfortunate and sometimes unforgivable mistake on a broadcast network or on social media. As a followup to our listicle of the biggest PR disasters of 2014, let us relive… Read More