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Hulkmania: WWE severs ties to wrestling legend for racist remarks

Hulk Hogan shreds his shirt

Terry Bollea — known to the world as Hulk Hogan — made a career for himself in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) utilizing his mouth just as much as his muscles. Over the last few decades, he has cultivated an image as a born-again Christian and role model, but that all seems set to change.  … Read More

Oh my: George Takei issues apology on social media

George Takei

As fallible creatures, human beings continually make mistakes; even experts gaffe from time to time. Rest assured, social media is an area where one can become classified as an expert. From Stephen Amell’s airtight Facebook presence, to Chris Pratt’s unexpectedly hilarious Reddit AMA, more and more celebrities have begun to show their prowess in the… Read More

“Empire” star Taraji Henson apologizes to LAPD

Taraji Henson, Empire, celebrity news, public apology

In a time when racial tensions seem to perpetually run high, conflicts rarely end peacefully. That makes every instance where we can find the strength to forgive each other all the more welcome. Taraji P Henson, star of the hit show “Empire,” controversially announced last week that she would send her son to Howard University… Read More

‘Sorry’ is the hardest word: Bud Light apology for St. Patrick’s Day tweet follows trend of redirecting blame

Last week’s St. Patrick’s Day festivities — and the less than glamorous morning after — have come and gone, but Bud Light’s reputation still hasn’t fully recovered in the aftermath of an imprudent St. Paddy’s Day tweet that led to backlash against the brand.   Bud Light’s slogan, “Up For Whatever,” is one that the… Read More

Urban Outfitters getting heat for tapestry reminiscent of gay Nazi prisoner uniform

Urban Outfitters is no stranger to scandal, and the retailer has made headlines numerous times in regards to controversial and offensive products. This includes garments like a “blood-splattered” Kent State sweatshirt that many critics felt was an offensive reference to the 1970 Kent State massacre, and a “depression” crop top that critics felt was making a… Read More

Public Apologies: The Art of Saying and Meaning You’re Sorry

handwritten sorry picture

In both public and private life, it’s never easy to say you’re sorry. For public figures, apologies must be carefully crafted in order correct the damage done by public wrongs. We’ve seen plenty of public figures botch public apologies and suffer the career consequences — it’s nearly a weekly occurrence — must see PR-disaster TV.… Read More