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Colombia reports first cases of Microcephaly linked to Zika virus

United States scientists have released news that they found a connection between Zika virus and babies being born with Microcephaly, a disorder where babies are born with very small skulls and underdeveloped brains.   These statements were confirmed on Thursday by Colombian health officials. “Colombia confirmed the two first cases of microcephaly associated with Zika,”… Read More

As Faces of Hope Gala draws near, the Nigerian Healthcare Foundation discusses humanitarian aide

As Faces of Hope Gala draws near, MUI Daily News discusses humanitarian aid with the Nigerian Healthcare Foundation

According to the World Health Organization life expectancy at birth for men and women in Nigeria is estimated at 54 and 55 years respectively. Diseases that modern medicine can prevent, such as malaria and tuberculosis, cause many of these early deaths. The Nigerian Healthcare foundation is working to fix this problem, and has been doing… Read More