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Daniel Ek told us how he really felt about Apple Music

The market for competing music streaming sites are becoming more cutthroat every day. Some have been ordered to cease and desist all services, and others have just folded due to unpopularity or lack of followers. The one company that still remains strong, and possibly holds the title as head honcho in the industry, is Spotify.  … Read More

Public Dialogue On Breastfeeding: Doing More Harm Than Good?

Recent articles regarding breastfeeding have spurned controversy regarding what is appropriate breastfeeding behavior in public. Tasha Adams, 28, was arrested at a Gusanos Pizza in Arkansas because she had a beer before and during the breastfeeding of her baby. Last month, during her graduation ceremony, Karlesha Thurman, 25, took a breastfeeding selfie and posted it on Facebook. Both… Read More