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Quentin Tarantino’s “The Hateful Eight” to be released in 70 mm

Opening credits or promotional poster for "The Hateful Eight"

With regards to contemporary filmmakers, few directors have a resume that compares to Quentin Tarantino. From the release of “Reservoir Dogs” in 1992, he has steadily produced generally well received — and often acclaimed — films that have revolutionized the way we view cinema. His style is one of nostalgia, often harkening back to bygone… Read More

Classic Movie Monday: Pulp Fiction

The wacky and haunting world of Quentin Tarantino unravels for one of the first times in this iconic 1994 treasure, “Pulp Fiction.” This film is the quintessential movie of the 90’s, stamped with Tarantino’s signature allure for gore, violence, controversy, and convoluted, overlapping, and time-bending plot-lines. This movie established Tarantino as a dextrous, unconventional, madcap filmmaker, and a very dynamic storyteller to… Read More