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Beyoncé gets caught in cultural appropriation debate

Beyonce in Coldplay video

Every year, it seems at least one celebrity finds themselves on the wrong side of the cultural appropriation debate. We have seen Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Katy Perry and others accused of culturally appropriating other cultures, that is borrowing aspects of cultures that are not theirs without giving respect to the origin of the style choice.… Read More

Sandra Bland had marijuana in her system: 3 reasons that’s irrelevant

Side by side of Sandra Bland (right) and her body being carted out of jail (left)

In the weeks following the mysterious death of Sandra Bland, it almost feels like we have developed more questions than we have received answers. New developments recently surfaced in the investigation of her death — specifically a toxicology report — that indicate Bland had considerable amounts of THC in her system. Investigators believe this could indicate… Read More

Hulkmania: WWE severs ties to wrestling legend for racist remarks

Hulk Hogan shreds his shirt

Terry Bollea — known to the world as Hulk Hogan — made a career for himself in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) utilizing his mouth just as much as his muscles. Over the last few decades, he has cultivated an image as a born-again Christian and role model, but that all seems set to change.  … Read More

Pharrell’s ‘Freedom’ music video brings light to those oppressed

Music artist Pharell in his music video for "Freedom Shot"

To aid with the launch of Apple Music, Pharrell Williams launched his music video for new hit single, “Freedom.” The video is a compilation from global scenarios, such as people experiencing oppression or the challenge of attaining freedom.     Williams is dressed as a worker, with the first verse taking place in a work… Read More

Too ‘urban’: Why Zoe Kravitz was denied a role in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

Zoe Kravitz in "Divergent"

Comic books have a reputation as a progressive artistic medium. Featuring numerous characters that range greatly in areas like race and sexual orientation, comics often find themselves considerably ahead of their curve. The irony of this, however, is that their film counterparts tend to stay behind this curve.   Actress Zoe Kravitz (“Divergent,” “Mad Max:… Read More

Americans Rejoice as Confederate Flag Removed from South Carolina Statehouse

Confederate flag for sale at Vermonster 4x4 Rally

Today marked an absolutely historic day for the American people; after intense debate and deliberation, the South Carolina legislature and Governor Nikki Haley finally called for the removal of the Confederate flag from the South Carolina Statehouse.   In an emotional ceremony, state troopers lowered the flag, methodically folded it, and proceeded to remove it… Read More

No evidence of racially charged arson found in church fires

A man stands next to a church sign in front of a church which has been burned down

In the days following the Charleston shooting, eight predominantly black churches were set ablaze. This has left many to question if these fires were started out of racial hate.   Investigators haven’t found any evidence that proves these fires were motivated by racism. Only three of the fires have shown signs that an arsonist was involved.… Read More

Millennials bringing increased diversity to the United States

A group of racially diverse people

Born between 1982 and 2000, Millennial Americans make up more of the population than ever before.   On Thursday, the U.S. Census Bureau released a report that showed there are over 83 million millennials in the United States, composing of over a quarter of our total population.   Earlier this year, the projected number of millennials was… Read More