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Athletes Becoming Victims Amidst Racial Tensions

Last week, New York Giants fullback Nikita Whitlock’s home was vandalized with racist graffiti on multiple occasions.   Police reports have shown that Whitlock’s house was broken into and then painted with racist graffiti that read “KKK,” three swastikas, and other racial language. In addition to this, the largest word written was “Trump,” which filled… Read More

Kenyan and Egyptian diplomats divided on racism scandal

Earlier this month, outrage erupted on social media after it emerged that an Egyptian minister referred to sub-Saharan Africans as “dogs and slaves.” This was spilled by Yvonne Khamati, the Chairperson of the African Diplomatic CorpsTechnical Committee, who was at a United Nations Environmental Assembly meeting held in Nairobi, Kenya. During the meeting, the Egyptian… Read More

#unfairandlovely: The hashtag celebrating dark skin

Andre 3000 of Outkast once performed in a jumpsuit emblazoned with the words: “across cultures, darker people suffer most. why?” One way people with darker skin (women, in particular) suffer is by discrimination based on their skin tone.   Referred to as colorism or shadeism, this kind of discrimination is present across many cultures that… Read More

“The Walking Dead” Steven Yuen, speaks out against white supremacy in Hollywood

Hollywood has a consistent habit of giving roles to Caucasian actors for characters meant to play a different race. This is specifically true for Asian roles that are being subject to a term tagged as “whitewashing” — and people are finally starting to get mad about it.   Steven Yeun is a Korean-American actor who… Read More

The inaccurate assumptions of Asians, according to Barbie

Barbie’s controversial appearance with her absurd proportions and unrealistic image has provoked criticism about the doll’s design in recent years. Not only has the company noticed the public’s discontent, but they are taking innovating actions. Mattel recently announced that they will be releasing a new line of Barbies in 2016. However, the stereotypes don’t seem… Read More