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Pharmaceutical company embroiled in Enron-sized scandal

Valeant building

Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc. is in full-on crisis mode amidst accusations of fraudulent accounting practices. Citron Research, a provider of short-focused market commentary, has reported that the Canadian pharmaceutical company is storing excess inventory in subsidiaries and then reporting that inventory as sales revenue. These types of unethical accounting practices are very similar to those… Read More

Stephen Amell shows his true self on Facebook, reaps rewards and earns respect

Promo photo of actor Stephen Amell

Social media is one of those things that requires skill to master; the results of mishandling it can be disastrous. Even enormous companies and public figures, such as Clorox or comedian Trevor Noah, have fallen prey to their own social media gaffes. When looking for a celebrity who seems to have an innate acumen for… Read More

5 of the most offensive and stupidest PR fails of 2015 so far

Reputation Management: Biggest PR fails of 2015 so far.

Its been a busy quarter one for major Public Relations blunders. Nowadays, it appears not a day goes by without a certain brand or individual making some unfortunate and sometimes unforgivable mistake on a broadcast network or on social media. As a followup to our listicle of the biggest PR disasters of 2014, let us relive… Read More

Vogue editor’s Instagram photo goes viral, PR fail follows

Vogue editor’s Instagram photo goes viral, PR fail follows

It wouldn’t be an average week without reporting on the outrageously offensive social media antics of the rich and famous. By now, you’ve all heard of Vogue editor Elisabeth von Thurn und Taxis questionable decision to post an Instagram photo of a Paris homeless woman reading Vogue magazine. von Thurn und Taxis Instagram post included a… Read More

Twitter hack hits home for Twitter CFO

TwitterChat: Engaging Millennials in International Development Matters

News of Twitter CFO Anthony Noto having his Twitter account hacked came only days after Twitter CEO Dick Costolo admitted that the company’s response to Twitter abuse is “embarrassing.” Fortunately for Noto, the hack didn’t involve a series of abusive messages or embarrassing photographs, like most hacks. Instead, the hacker used Noto’s account to send out… Read More

Reputation management in the digital age

Before the advent of the Internet, it took a drop in sales or a negative news article for brands to realize their reputations were in question. Now, brands can perform a simple Google search and learn exactly what the public thinks of them. The search results aren’t always good, and repairing your reputation can take time,… Read More