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Women leaders in STEM: Cynthia Breazeal is making the personal robot a reality

cynthia breazeal - (TED.com)

Since the inception of science fiction, humans have been fascinated with the idea of owning a personal robot. Rosie, the robot maid from “The Jetsons;” R2-D2 and C-3PO from “Star Wars;” and Wall-E, the lovable Disney character, have all shaped our desire for wanting a personal robot for our own families.   Dr. Cynthia Breazeal… Read More

Hot topics in health: Researchers develop robotic glove to help patients overcome stroke impairments

While advancements are consistently being made in how we treat and rehabilitate individuals who have suffered from a stroke, the impairments that continue to disrupt patients’ lives even after treatment has ended remain a major issue. Scientists and physicians have largely sought to find a way to target impairments that persist in the chronic stages… Read More

Women Leaders in STEM: Natalie Panek, Rocket Scientist and Adventurer – Part 3

In the third and final part of her interview, rocket scientist Natalie Panek discusses her own struggles as a woman working in a male-dominated field, some of the more positive aspects of being a woman in STEM, and the importance of giving successful women in STEM greater presence in the media. It is Panek’s belief… Read More

Women Leaders in STEM: Natalie Panek, Rocket Scientist and Adventurer – Part 2

In Part 1 of her interview last week, rocket scientist Natalie Panek talked to us about how she first discovered her interest for space and how her desire to pursue a career in aerospace technology was born out of that interest. She shares how her career led her to start working in robotics and how… Read More

Hot Topics in Health: Researchers Take Mind-Controlled Robotic Arm Further Than Ever Before

For individuals with conditions like upper limb paralysis, the concept of restoring their natural movements and control over their bodies is incredible. Thanks to scientific research and technological advancements over the years, the steps that have been taken in the medical world towards making that concept a reality have been tremendous — particularly the development of… Read More

Women Leaders in STEM: Natalie Panek, Rocket Scientist and Adventurer

For so many people, the thought of space exploration is a reality so removed from their own that it seems almost unreal. For rocket scientist Natalie Panek, space exploration has always been a serious goal — one which she has been working towards since the beginning of her career in the aerospace industry, including her… Read More

Robo Suit Gives Wearer Superhuman Strength

As if we needed another excuse to get excited for the next Iron Man movie, this new technology is sure to stir up some buzz among movie lovers and comic book enthusiasts alike. Developed at the Perceptual Robotics Laboratory in Italy, this robotic suit will give the wearer the ability to lift 50kg with each arm (or a little… Read More