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A Decade of Bold Gestures: Best Rom Coms of the 80’s

The 80s were a very interesting time. There were lots of highs and lows for the decade. Lows: perms, shoulder pads, cocaine, WHAM!, disco, mullets, leg-warmers. Highs: “Full House,” The Smiths, cell phones, U2, The Cosby Show, the Cosby sweater, leggings, and perhaps the biggest high of the decade: 80s romantic comedies. The 80s were… Read More

Classic Movie Monday: “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”

This week’s Classic Movie Monday pick is the 1961 classic film, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” This charming New York love story is the quintessential romantic comedy; it tells the story between a boy and a girl, while simultaneously detailing the tale of a love affair with New York City. The opening scene sets the tone for the entire… Read More

Rom-Coms Both You and Your Boyfriend Can Enjoy

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Sitting down to watch a movie with your boyfriend can cause a conflict of interests; you want a romantic comedy, and he believes them all to be “chick flicks.” Many rom-coms will not be interesting to him, but here are some rom-com ideas that both you and he can enjoy.   1. “The Proposal” “The Proposal,” starring… Read More