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Destination: Kigali

This week, all eyes have been on Rwanda. The country just rounded up its first World Economic Forum for Africa, which ran from May 11 to 13. The conference brought together about 1,500 people from across to world to discuss and examine Africa’s economic prospects. For three days, heads of state and government, business leaders,… Read More

Cultivating Change: Sarah Buchanan and Kula Project

Sarah Buchanan was an undergraduate student pursuing a degree in political science when she first traveled to Kenya. During her trip, Buchanan was so moved and inspired by the communities she saw and was so interested in learning more about the region that she made the decision to change her major to International Development upon… Read More

Rwanda Tops the List for Most Women in its Government

Rwanda is the country with the highest percentage of women lawmakers in their government. With women comprising over 64 percent of the country’s lower parliament, Rwanda tops the United States’ ratio of women in office by a landslide.   After the geneocide in Rwanda in 1994, the country has done its best to rebuild itself and… Read More