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Kent State, 45 years later: A history of American civil disobedience

The Ohio National Guard throws cans of smoke into a crowd of protesters at Kent State 45 years ago.

The phrase “school shooting” conjures a very specific image among 21st century Americans: the lone gunman, mental illness, and national outcry over gun control. Years ago, this was not necessarily the case. One of the most famous massacres on school grounds occurred at the hands of our very own government following protests and the American… Read More

FSU Reopens Library Doors After School Shooting

Early last Thursday, a gunman opened fire in Florida State University’s Strozier Library in the midst of midterm exam preparation. The incident left three victims injured, and hundreds of students hiding behind bookshelves.   University and Tallahassee officers met gunman Myron May outside the library within minutes of reported gunfire. He was asked to drop… Read More