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Hot Topics in Health: Could Enterovirus EV-D68 Outbreak Be Linked to Immigration?

Since the unprecedented outbreak of the rare respiratory infection Enterovirus D68, or EV-D68, there has been very little understanding of what may have caused the spread of a virus that has affected over 1000 children in several states around the U.S.   Now, the latest development in the story suggests a possible link between the… Read More

Amber Waves: Sequencing the Wheat Genome

Bread wheat is one of the culinary staples of the human race. Nurtured, glorified and tinkered with for centuries by hopeful farmers intent on doubling yields, increasing profits and feeding hungry mouths, wheat remains a phenomenally important and astonishingly adaptable crop. In the era of genetically modified crops, wheat would seem the prime candidate for… Read More

Weekend Dose of Science

Look, we know you’ve been dying for another dose of the best science stories out there on the Interwebs. Top scientists say that appearing knowledgeable about science topics makes you exceptionally attractive to the opposite sex, which we know is true because it’s science. Smashing your way through a long, glorious weekend? Scroll through MUI PR’s… Read More

Weekly Dose of Science

Welcome to your weekly dose of science! Your correspondent is covering a lot of ground in this installment, and pushing seven hundred words on science-related topics could be construed as flirting with overkill. So, jump in!   1. Got Drought? Drink Sewage. Seriously. As disgusting as it sounds on the surface, recycled sewage water – known… Read More

Weekend Dose Of Science

It’s the weekend again, and your correspondent sincerely hopes you are not showering Michael Bay’s astoundingly long and supremely awful new “Transformers” flick with your hard-earned dollars (even Shia LaBeouf couldn’t hold his disdain in). If you are instead doing literally anything else, congratulate yourself on your good taste.   Now that you’ve doused yourself… Read More

Weekend Dose of Science

It is the weekend, and time to talk science! Your trusty correspondent suggests a drinking game in which contestants print out a copy of Einstein’s 1905 paper on special relativity, drink copiously, and then try to explain it to each other in five minutes or less. The winner becomes instantly unpopular and probably loses consciousness… Read More

The Dawn Of An Uncertain World: Dutch Researchers Achieve Quantum Teleportation

Ever dreamed of being teleported vast distances across interstellar space, your body split down to its very atoms and beamed to an exotic new location where it is then knit back together, creating a whole and complete you?   If you have, chances are recent headlines trumpeting the successful advent of quantum teleportation set your… Read More

Your Weekend Dose Of Science: Warp Travel, Deep Earth Sea, Tesla Patents, Titan Smells, Space Soccer

Another workweek is dawning, and we at the MUI PR Blog recognize you need some fodder for vicarious water cooler conversation, in order to maintain that elusive aura of white-collar cool. To whit, we have compiled five scintillating science stories to occupy your attention and grace your gab. Babble on about these beauties and you… Read More

Smile for the Laser! How Scientists are Using Light Therapy to Regenerate Teeth

Teeth are curious things. These elegant little bits of bone, dentin, and enamel serve a wide range of purposes, from cutting and crushing food to serving as convenient physical accomplices to our emotional expressions. Important as they are, our pearly whites are not particularly trustworthy subjects. They turn mutinous and macabre when left neglected, decaying… Read More