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Mealworms to join the fight against plastic pollution

Researchers have found that mealworms might help solve the global plastic pollution problem by eating the Styrofoam and plastic that contributes to the world’s excess waste.        According to recent studies published in Environmental Science and Technology, mealworms are able to biodegrade the polyethylene they ingest with help from microorganisms in their gut. In fact,… Read More

Women leaders in STEM: Regina Agyare, software developer and social entrepreneur

Growing up in Ghana, Regina Agyare remembers the weight of the expectations placed upon her from an early age.   “Growing up, you were kind of told what you were going to do back then. I was good in math or science, so I was told I was going to be a doctor.”   It’s a… Read More

Hot topics in health: First lab-grown contracting human muscle gives physicians foresight

PR campaigns often leverage communications trends and examples to anticipate the way  messages will play out in the mindset of their target audience.   Similarly, scientists and doctors alike, leverage results from human clinical trials to assess how certain diseases and medications might impact the body.   Therefore, when it comes to science and health,… Read More

Women leaders in STEM: Lucianne Walkowicz, astronomer and artist

Last week, we discovered the inspiration behind Lucianne Walkowicz’s interest in astronomy. She shared the details of her journey in the field, from her education to her career. But for Walkowicz, so much of her story is about more than her own passion for astronomy; it’s about sharing that passion with others, and making astronomy… Read More

Hot Topics in Health: Brain Imaging Can Now Help Predict Human Behavior

As PR practitioners, our job here at MUIPR is all about building relationships. It’s about getting to know the public on an emotional level and using that connection to build personalized communication. Just like a personalized approach is a central part of what we do, so too can it be a major benefit in other… Read More