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Busted selfies: Social media is now a vital tool for law enforcement

Screen shot of Facebook

Social media is great for finding out the latest celebrity gossip, catching up with long lost friends, and now it’s great for catching criminals as well. With the era-defining trend of selfies in full swing, law enforcement officials are able to catch more criminals.   It is ironic how many criminals are caught due to their… Read More

Texas state trooper in trouble for selfie with Snoop Dogg

Should someone’s past define our perception of their future? A Texas state trooper has recently faced punitive measures from the Department of Public Safety for posing in a picture with rapper Snoop Dogg. State Trooper Billy Spears worked security for the SXSW music festival when the rapper approached him to take a selfie. The rapper… Read More

The Breastfeeding Selfie: Alyssa Milano Challenges Society’s View of Women’s Bodies

The media is no stranger to the overexposure of women’s bodies and the theory that “sex sells.” We’ve seen women dancing around in barely-there outfits for music videos or gracing the covers of fashion magazines with their, shall we say, assets covered by nothing more than unzipped jackets or their own hands.   With the constant… Read More

Hot Topics in Health: New Gigapixel Camera May Take Life-Saving Selfies by Helping to Diagnose Skin Cancer Early

We are a society absolutely obsessed with taking photos. From sharing our travels with the world to Instagramming our dinners, to posting a selfie or two (or twenty) here and there, we love snapping pictures whenever and wherever we can. For the first time, our attachment to taking pictures might actually have the potential to… Read More

Fall is Good for TV: Five Shows to Keep Watch for

With the Emmy’s concluding last week, it’s now that time of year to look forward to fall’s newest shows. There are over a dozen series premiering across various networks, and our team at MUIPR decided to crown the top choices to keep watch for.   From what we can tell, there’s bound to be tons… Read More

Yoga Community Denounces Celebrity “Selfie”

There is no doubt that selfies have consumed our nation, communally and psychologically. Self-indulgent narcissism now surrounds the popular buzzword, and despite the actual implications of the social fixture, yoga communities worldwide have traded in their content, blissful serenity for backlash against Instagram-posing celebrities.   It’s true that the notion of yoga celebrity is currently… Read More

Public Dialogue On Breastfeeding: Doing More Harm Than Good?

Recent articles regarding breastfeeding have spurned controversy regarding what is appropriate breastfeeding behavior in public. Tasha Adams, 28, was arrested at a Gusanos Pizza in Arkansas because she had a beer before and during the breastfeeding of her baby. Last month, during her graduation ceremony, Karlesha Thurman, 25, took a breastfeeding selfie and posted it on Facebook. Both… Read More

Know Thy Selfie

While Lupita Nyong’o was certainly not the first to take a selfie, the rising actress’s starring role in the Selfie Heard ‘Round the World on Oscar night has inadvertently led us to the selfie epidemic, or “selfidemic.”   The selfidemic reached historic, Presidential proportions last week when Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz, whose Nyong’o-like approval… Read More