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When You’re A Robot, They Let You Do It: Trump Animatronic Placed In Magic Kingdom’s Hall of Presidents

Trump Robot

In the inexplicably popular land of unfiltered madness and chaos that 21 million people visit every year that I not so lovingly call my former employer, Magic Kingdom, one ride has somehow stood the test of time by not only utilizing American history itself but also offering pristine air conditioning against the hellish, brutal Floridian… Read More

Emmy Madness on a Monday: 2014 Award Show Highlights

Give the people what they love. That is what the the Emmy’s were all about this past Monday, Aug. 25.   Well, that’s probably not what everyone wanted; Sunday might have been better suited for the show. Blame American football for eternity. Could the Academy have been so afraid about ratings, that Sunday Night Football… Read More

How Do Late Night’s Hosts Stack Up?


  Recently, it seems as though the old players in the late night comedy field are tapping out to make way for a younger, fresh-legged, fresh-comedy, A-Team. As the battle between late night comedians rages on, we cannot help but wonder who is winning the war? How do these charismatic super-hosts compare on the ultimate scale of late… Read More

Powerful New White House PSA About Sexual Assault

A new Public Service Announcement (PSA) that was introduced by Vice President Joe Biden came out this week. It stars some of our favorite celebrities, including Daniel Craig and Steve Carell, The PSA implores men to be a part of the solution and to stand up for women being abused or raped. But did it hit… Read More

TV Review: Portlandia

  “Portlandia” is a television show on IFC staring comedians Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen. It first aired in Jan. 2011 and is now in its fourth season.   In the show, Brownstein and Armisen play a multitude of different characters in a series of skits that are both scripted and improvised. Set in Portland,… Read More