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Combatting Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

When former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson filed a million-dollar lawsuit against the network’s chairman, Roger Ailes, she shed light on a serious problem that affects many women in the workplace: sexual harassment.   More women came forward, confessing similar experiences with harassment at Fox News by Ailes and other men at the network. Megyn… Read More

Minnesota Players End Boycott, Will Play in Bowl Game

Last week, 10 University of Minnesota Football players were suspended upon investigation of them being involved in a campus sexual assault case.   Due to the belief that these suspensions were unjust because the players felt the sex was consensual, the entire team had, at first, decided to boycott any football activities, including their upcoming… Read More

TLC pushes anti-child abuse narrative after Duggar controversy

The Duggar family

Since May, TLC has been contemplating the cancellation of their reality show “19 Kids and Counting” following the Josh Duggar molestation allegations. Finally, the show is at its end.   TLC’s television show that followed the life of the Duggar family ran for 10 seasons, but the pressure the network was facing to cancel it… Read More

Opinion: Undercover Colors Anti-Rape Nail Polish, Doing More Harm Than Good?

Since the new Undercover Colors nail polish first came into the spotlight a couple weeks ago, there has been a great deal of backlash against the product, which many believe may prove to be more problematic to the discourse on rape than it is beneficial.   Created by four male undergraduate students at North Carolina State… Read More

Prospective College Students: Ask About Sexual Assault Before You Commit To Attending

When students and their parents are looking at colleges there are many different elements to consider. The most obvious include the price of tuition, average SAT scores, location, and Apps to survive college. CollegeProwler.com provide ratings for factors that students find crucial to their college experience such as nightlight, student attractiveness, and food. Once the… Read More