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#AllMenCan, How Support Solves Problems

After the Santa Barbara, Calif. shooting, there was a social media outcry in the #YesAllWomen movement — a movement that drew attention to misogyny in the United States and the effect of patriarchy on women. As mentioned in the previous #YesAllWomen article on MUIPR, the movement has created global awareness and shed light on women’s… Read More

The Body Confidence Crisis: How to Rock Your Body

In an increasingly digital world, it is impossible to escape the omnipresent media portrayal of beauty: ads everywhere consistently portray women who are way below the average healthy body weight; female protagonists in mainstream films are almost exclusively made up of thin, flawless women; and the average woman’s war with excessive, misleading airbrushing has finally come to… Read More

Viral Video Shows Wealth Inequality in America

This video starts out by pointing out how few Americans know about the true inequality in America:   A Harvard Business professor and economist asked more than 5,000 Americans how they thought wealth was distributed in the United States. He then asked them what they thought the ideal should be. 92 percent, that’s at least… Read More