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A Prank Gone Too Far: Everything Wrong with Logan Paul’s Suicide Forest Prank

Youtube Star Logan Paul

In the not too new age of technology that the encompassing world finds itself in, few sites have dominated video sharing and streaming quite like the massive platform of YouTube. From music channels like VEVO, to home cooking videos , and YouTube Red original series, the near monopoly they have on video streaming and viewing, has turned… Read More

Instagram joins music community through debut of @music

Screenshot of Instagram photo editor with filters displayed

Through outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Vine, and Snapchat, social media enthusiasts have accumulated several methods of showcasing upcoming talent. Instagram now has an entire account dedicated to the discovery and appreciation for up and coming musicians with their handle, @music.   The music community is –– and always has been –– an important part of… Read More

Live streams, instant video, 140 characters of text are the new normal for the social mobile age

Remember when you would deploy 1000 plus words of content in your press releases?   How about when you used to spend copious amounts of money on advertisers and their agencies for prime placement on TV, national newspapers, and magazines?   Those outrageous days of sending all your news to print and utilizing traditional broadcast… Read More

Snapchat switches gears with new “Discover” platform

Snapchat’s new video platform “Discover” ventures into the familiar territory of video content sharing already available on YouTube, while somehow appearing to be completely new. Media has been buzzing about Discover for months, but it was on Tuesday that Snapchat finally released the new platform.   Big name brands, including CNN, ESPN, and Food Network have… Read More

Is it possible to change deeply rooted public perceptions shaped by gender?

From the way we express our emotions to the language we use in confrontations, men and women have vastly different ways of communicating. The different communication styles are deeply rooted in perceptions shaped by gender, the various ways men and women view the world around them. For those of us in communications, this presents challenges that… Read More

Social media doesn’t cause stress, unless you do it for a living

It’s been a busy week in the world of scientific conjecture. A recent report by the Pew Research Center revealed several key findings about the relationship between stress and social media use. According to the report, which used the “Perceived Stress Scale” questionnaire as its method of gathering evidence, there’s no direct relationship between social… Read More

The Influencers: Social media celebrities give brands a boost (for a fee)

Brand words on chalkboard picture

Celebrities pitching products and services is old news. From actors, to rock stars, to athletes, celebrities have always been used to influence consumers. Now, a new breed of celebrity is teaming up with brands to influence the marketplace: The social media celebrity.   There’s a slight difference in the way marketers do business with social… Read More

Attending A Marketing Conference? Here Are 5 Marketing Pillars You Should Focus On

It’s no surprise that marketing envelops countless business models today. Why is it, then, that marketing is often the most underestimated and/or neglected department within numerous companies?  When can business leaders safely agree that this status quo has made the change?   The need to develop the right campaigns necessary to achieve success is even… Read More

The Secret to Everything: How to Take Your Instagram to the Next Level

Instagram and other social media applications have increased visability into everyone’s daily lives. With more people watching, there is more of an urge to make sure you look good. That means strategic photos, and more importantly, quality photos.  All of a sudden, we have seen a shift from the usual family photo to more selfies,… Read More

We are Falling for Aritzia’s #FallForUs Campaign

Have you heard of the Canadian chic, edgy, and urban store Aritzia? To be honest, we are a little surprised if you haven’t. Aritzia has risen to the top of clothing stores for young adults. Often described as Nordstrom’s edgier sister, the store outfits 20 to 30 year olds in the newest and best high… Read More