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Why McDonald’s Hacked Twitter Account Should Concern Us All

McDonald’s official Twitter account was recently hacked and a critical tweet was posted against President Trump calling him, “a disgusting excuse of a President,” and then adding he has, “tiny hands.” McDonald’s has two accounts with Twitter, one is its corporate account on which the tweet was posted that has 151,000 followers. The other account… Read More

Why are young African entrepreneurs optimistic?

In spite of the continent’s slowing economic growth, African entrepreneurs remain largely hopeful. The realities of young African entrepreneurs were revealed in the Anzisha Youth Entrepreneurship Survey 2016, a collaboration between the Anzisha Prize, along with the African Leadership Academy and MasterCard Foundation. The survey posited questions to 101 respondents living and conducting businesses in… Read More

How does Africa tweet?

Africans are tweeting more about politics, and Korean spam robots are taking over hashtags in some countries. This, and more, was revealed in the How Africa Tweets reports by Portland Communications. The annual report examines Twitter trends and hashtags in African countries often revealing surprising results. This year, the report examined 1.6 billion tweets and… Read More

#unfairandlovely: The hashtag celebrating dark skin

Andre 3000 of Outkast once performed in a jumpsuit emblazoned with the words: “across cultures, darker people suffer most. why?” One way people with darker skin (women, in particular) suffer is by discrimination based on their skin tone.   Referred to as colorism or shadeism, this kind of discrimination is present across many cultures that… Read More

Spinning racist clichés around with #SiLesNoirsParlaientCommeLesBlancs

If you don’t follow the happenings of Francophone Twitter, you likely missed the viral hashtag #SiLesNoirsParlaientCommeLesBlancs. At once funny and relevant, #SiLesNoirsParlaientCommeLesBlancs saw (mostly French) black Twitter users turning around racist clichés they hear daily and applying them to white people. Literally translated as: “if black people spoke like white people,” tweets using the hashtag… Read More

When social media and power collide

SMW Lagos

Social media has become a contentious space in Nigeria. In a society that is closed up and does not appreciate openness or transparency, Nigerian citizens have employed tools readily available on the Internet to expose corrupt practices of government officials. Beyond that, social media has been credited for playing a huge role in politics as… Read More