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5 ways analytics can improve your digital business

Analytics involve using statistics to gain useful knowledge from data. There are of utmost important to businesses looking to connect with markets and audiences using a digital platform. When implementing business decisions, data collected from consumers always beats opinion and aids in crafting strategies.   Courtesy of Rainy Lemon, a company that provides digital marketing… Read More

City of Peoria owes Twitter user $125,000 after unjust arrest

Jon Daniel sits in court

Peoria, Illinois resident Jon Daniel was awarded $125,000 in a lawsuit against the city of Peoria, after being arrested for operating a parody Twitter account in the name of Mayor Jim Ardis.     In 2014, Daniel’s home was raided by police over his Twitter account, @Peoriamayor, claiming that he violated an Illinois law regarding… Read More

New Facebook patent could hit users’ finances

Facebook Picture

Facebook was granted a patent for a program that can scan social media accounts to help lenders decide whether or not they should give an applicant a financial loan.   This feature searches the Facebook friends of those applying for a loan, and then tells the lender the average credit score found among their friends. If… Read More

Facebook’s difficult decision: Censorship or free speech?

Facebook Picture

Germany’s Justice Minister, Heiko Maas, has called for Facebook to start banning hateful posts, or the social media site will no longer be allowed to do business in his country.   Maas sent a letter to Facebook’s public policy director, Richard Allan, requesting a meeting in September to discuss the complaints Maas has received over… Read More

YouTube Gaming lacks viewership following launch day

YouTube Gaming logo

Last week, YouTube launched their free video game streaming service, “YouTube Gaming,” to compete with Twitch.tv, but Google has a long way to go to match their competitor’s high viewership.   YouTube Gaming allows users to live stream themselves playing video games for anyone to watch. It’s also a platform for users to watch e-sports tournaments… Read More

Facebook withdraws student’s internship over invasive app

A silhouette of a person using a cell phone in front of a Facebook logo

Facebook seeks out interns that are skilled at developing innovative apps, but Harvard student Aran Khanna had his internship withdrawn from the company over the creation of an app.   In May, Khanna created the Chrome extension “Marauders Map” soon after accepting an internship at Facebook; the app can track people’s locations when they use… Read More

Facebook live stream brings fans and celebrities closer than ever

Advertisement for Facebook Live Stream function

Social media continues to present a means by which celebrities can promote their personal brand, broadcast developments on projects, and most importantly: communicate with fans. We’ve talked at great length about celebrities who have an uncanny knack for implementing such technologies, and now they will get another tool to add to their arsenal.   Facebook’s… Read More