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Economists Say Parents Are More Important Than Ever

In a Harvard study, “Where is the Land of Opportunity? The Geography of Intergenerational Mobility in the United States,” economists analyzed factors that influence social immobility. While it should come as no surprise that the “American Dream” is a myth, this Harvard study helped to understand the determinants of mobility, or a lack thereof.  … Read More

Can Social Media Help Stop Police Brutality?

When it comes to justice, there are few things that are black and white; most often, we are forced to wade through endless gray matter. In the case of Michael Brown, the lines are blurred by conflicting stories, racial tensions, and the tragedy of a life lost. We are confronted with a case that has… Read More

Why J Law, Adele, and Mindy Kaling Have Us All Loving Ourselves a Little Bit More

Societal pressures for ideal beauty have always been an insistent presence in our culture. Women have always been expected to act and speak according to what men, or overarching culture at the time, deems as “desirable.” Although it would be nice to say that we are unaffected and completely confident in our bodies 100 percent… Read More