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What drought?: Nestle refuses to follow Starbucks’ lead

California is currently facing one of the worst droughts the state has ever seen, but it’s the bottled water industry that’s feeling the heat.      Starbucks announced that production of Ethos water was being moved out of California temporarily to save water in the state. All eyes are now on Nestle to make a similar move.… Read More

Starbucks plans to stop bottling water to help California drought

Starbucks’ Ethos water is known for its mission to contribute a portion of the proceeds to the Ethos Water Fund. As of recently, the ethical reputation of the brand has come under question.   According to a report from Mother Jones, Starbucks has made over an estimated $400 million from Ethos water bottle sales. For… Read More

Coffee with cream and racial debate: Starbucks #RaceTogether campaign is not changing race relations

Race is an ongoing conversation in America. Recent events, like Ferguson, continue to highlight how far equality is from being realized and how far racism is from being eradicated. There is undeniable value in activism and informed discussions in working toward improved race relations in America.   Unfortunately, Starbucks’ new #RaceTogether campaign falls short.   Starbucks is a… Read More

10 Culturally Relevant Pumpkin Carvings for Halloween 2014

Halloween pumpkin carvings can be a great medium for creative expression. Below are 10 more avant-garde pumpkin carvings that defy the traditional jack-o’-lantern:   1. The Starbucks pumpkin brings the Pumpkin Spice Latte to a whole new level and leaves the calories behind. Don’t be misled though: there’s actually no pumpkin in PSLs. Be sure… Read More

Starbucks Marketing Logics: Get Together Or Buy More Coffee?

Happy day-after-National Coffee Day! Instead of sipping on a basic Pumpkin Spice Latte, our editorial team tried on the researcher role in order to study a new advertising trend.   Starbucks, in particular, has taken on the mission of getting people together. Two of the coffee giant’s latest television spots titled ‘Get Together’ and ‘Are… Read More

Four Ways To Ease Your Financial Burden and Your Mind

Cutting corners is usually bad — constructing a playground, mass-producing lawnmowers, paying taxes, (God forbid) running around a track — the list goes on and on. But when it comes to your weekly expenses, slash away!   Unless you are Jennifer Aniston and have “Friends” money or are some type of wizard, you know what it’s like… Read More