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Doctors making housecalls: New apps bring medical professionals to your door

Doctor holding a cell phone

Several startups throughout the United States are attempting to make medical care more convenient by bringing doctors to your door. Apps for your smartphone or tablet, such as Heal in Los Angeles and San Francisco or Pager in New York City, will send a physician to your residence upon request.   On-demand medical care apps… Read More

Technology scramble in Africa attracts big tech names IBM, Samsung

Over the past few months, Africa has become a hot spot for investors. Africa’s recent economic growth and its size in both land area and population have led investors to see untapped potential in the continent.   The most rapidly growing sector thus far has been technology. Market research company Frost & Sullivan claim that… Read More

Simon Group Partner Talks to MUIPR about the Simon Launch Accelerator

J. Skyler Fernandes Picture

With big ideas but little capital, start-ups need all the help they can get. Simon Venture Group is part of a growing community of venture capitalists investing in the business of the future. As the new venture capital arm of Simon Group, the largest retail real estate property company in the United States, Simon Venture… Read More

How Your Small Business Can Benefit From Public Relations

Small businesses don’t have the budgets of major corporations, leading many small business owners to forgo public relations activities altogether. Although public relations is multifaceted and modern public relations campaigns are becoming more innovative and complex, there are some simple techniques small business owners can use to generate awareness about their businesses.   Establishing an Online Presence… Read More

Not the Same Old Social Network: How Fitbay is Changing the Experience of Shopping Online

Online shopping is a blessing — one with the potential of turning into a complete disaster. In other words, we love online shopping for its convenience, its endless variety of products, and its ability to let us hunt for the best deals. On the flip side, we hate that we can never know exactly what… Read More

4 Global Startups You Need To Know About

Startup growth invades the radar of business minds worldwide, now more so than ever, and particularly in such a way that Silicon Valley, is no longer the only place for entrepreneurs to have some fun and create new opportunities. It’s important to analyze the strengths of global ventures as well as those on our own… Read More