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Facebook live stream brings fans and celebrities closer than ever

Advertisement for Facebook Live Stream function

Social media continues to present a means by which celebrities can promote their personal brand, broadcast developments on projects, and most importantly: communicate with fans. We’ve talked at great length about celebrities who have an uncanny knack for implementing such technologies, and now they will get another tool to add to their arsenal.   Facebook’s… Read More

‘Arrow’ season 4: Poised to take a new direction

Stephen Amell as Green Arrow for season four promo

The third season of “Arrow” marked a major decline for the series in terms of quality; many of the new elements introduced simply did not work, while old ones became decidedly stale. Despite this disappointment, the upcoming fourth season of “Arrow” seems poised to take the superhero in a considerably new direction.   Social media savant… Read More

Stephen Amell shows his true self on Facebook, reaps rewards and earns respect

Promo photo of actor Stephen Amell

Social media is one of those things that requires skill to master; the results of mishandling it can be disastrous. Even enormous companies and public figures, such as Clorox or comedian Trevor Noah, have fallen prey to their own social media gaffes. When looking for a celebrity who seems to have an innate acumen for… Read More