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The inaccurate assumptions of Asians, according to Barbie

Barbie’s controversial appearance with her absurd proportions and unrealistic image has provoked criticism about the doll’s design in recent years. Not only has the company noticed the public’s discontent, but they are taking innovating actions. Mattel recently announced that they will be releasing a new line of Barbies in 2016. However, the stereotypes don’t seem… Read More

The Modern Man: How The National At-Home Dad Network is Challenging Gender Norms and Crushing Societal Stereotypes

Originally started by three stay-at-home dads with the goal of creating an organization committed to supporting at-home dads all over the country, The National At-Home Dad Network (NAHDN) – formerly Daddyshome, Inc. – has grown into one of the largest organizations of at-home dads, a fact which was more than evident following this year’s 19th Annual… Read More