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Social media doesn’t cause stress, unless you do it for a living

It’s been a busy week in the world of scientific conjecture. A recent report by the Pew Research Center revealed several key findings about the relationship between stress and social media use. According to the report, which used the “Perceived Stress Scale” questionnaire as its method of gathering evidence, there’s no direct relationship between social… Read More

Science Life Hacks: How Striking a Power Pose Can Reduce Stress and Boost Your Confidence

We all hate the feeling of being weighed down by stress, or being held back by anxiety and self-doubt. These are feelings that don’t exactly foster positive outcomes in our educational, professional, or social pursuits. While the moments when these feelings hit may have you feeling like you are a victim to your mindset and… Read More

Science Life Hacks: How a Pencil Can Be the Secret to Relieving a Tension Headache

Stress is a burden on its own, but when accompanied by physical discomforts like an upset stomach or bad headache, it becomes especially difficult to deal with the load. Luckily, there could be an easy fix when it comes to a stress-related tension headache, and it doesn’t come in the form of over-the-counter pain relievers… Read More

Science Life Hacks: Clenching Your Left Fist Can Relieve Anxiety Under Pressure

One of the keys to success is being sure of yourself and trusting your capabilities; yet, even a high level of confidence isn’t always enough to relieve the anxiety that can set in under serious pressure. People are always looking for ways to perform better under stress, and as it turns out, science suggests that… Read More

Stress-Free Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up to Be: Why “Good Stress” Is Important to Your Growth, Success, and Happiness

We are always on the hunt for new ways to reduce or avoid stress in our lives, and too much stress can definitely wreak havoc on our health, our emotions, and our lives. But stress can be a positive force as well, and attempting to eliminate all of our stress might actually lead to boredom and… Read More