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Rules of Mens Fashion: Button Standards In Formal and Casual Wear

When it comes to men’s fashion, the button presents a surprising challenge. While buttons are simply tools that clasp fabric together, they can have a significant impact on your overall style.   For formal wear, the collar button should always be hidden by your tie’s knot. You can get away with leaving the button open… Read More

Can You Rock a Snapback?

Women have a number of options when it comes to accessorizing, but men are often only left with functional fashion, like watches and belts. Women’s accessories are appreciated for their aesthetic value, while men’s accessories are often valued for what they get done. A watch can be stylish and trendy, but in the end, it’s… Read More

Spread The Word: Shorts are Good, Skirts Are Better, But skorts Are Best of All

If there is one thing guaranteed to resurrect your memory of elementary school, it is the skort. A uniform staple, the skort was one of the most intriguing and genius creations of the fashion world. Half short, half skirt, the skort helped young schoolgirls look both proper and practical. Think of the mullet: business in… Read More

How to Dress for Women with Large Breasts

Big boobs are both a blessing and a curse. Blessing for rather obvious reasons, and a curse because it is so difficult to dress.   We interviewed a few girls who had experienced difficulties dressing for their bust size and collected five of their most useful tips.   1. Avoid super high-necked shirts. Extra fabric up… Read More

Breaking the Taboo: How to Wear Black All Summer Long

Floral prints and bright pops of color are classic summer go-to’s, with fluorescent shades filling every shop side window. Too often we shun our favorite little black dress and ditch our slimming black tee during the hottest months of the year. But there is something about black that we always come back for, whether it’s the slimming effects, mature… Read More

Trend Report: Kimonos Are Your New Summer Fashion Staple

Summer is coming and that means we must – although rather begrudgingly – put our cardigans aside.  Fear not, we have found the perfect summer alternative: the kimono.   Kimonos are the perfect lightweight layer for warmer days. They give you some protection against the occasional summer breeze and add pizzazz to any outfit without… Read More