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Suicide Squad: Five characters Scott Eastwood could play

Although we previously discussed the sheer abundance of leaks and rumors surrounding the production of Warner Bros. upcoming “Suicide Squad,” one detail has thus far eluded us: what character is Scott Eastwood playing? Now let’s take a look at the greater DC mythos and try to deduce who the son of cinematic great, Clint Eastwood,… Read More

Hollywood: Are set photos giving too much away?

Suicide Squad set photo with some characters crossing the street

Take a moment and think of the best twist endings in Hollywood films; a moment that came out of nowhere and absolutely floored you. You probably thought “Empire Strikes Back,” “Psycho,” or maybe even “Se7en.” Now, who thought of a more contemporary film? Very few, probably, because the ubiquity of cell phone cameras and internet… Read More

Suicide Squad: The good, the meh, and the awful

The characters from Suicide Squad pose in costume in a dark , erie setting

These days, it takes quite a bit to stand out among all of the comic book movies constantly hitting theaters. Between DC and Marvel films, superhero fatigue has become increasingly rampant.   Warner Bros. seems keenly aware of this rampancy; while developing their own cinematic universe, they decided to make “Suicide Squad,” a film about… Read More

Jared Leto teases The Joker

It would only seem right that a world class showman would portray arguably the most flamboyant and theatrical comic book character of all time: The Joker. Tasked with bringing the newest iteration of the Clown Prince of Crime to the big screen in next year’s “Suicide Squad,” Jared Leto has slowly teased bits and pieces… Read More