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“Bojack Horseman” season 2 arrives this summer: Here’s why you should get on board

Scene from Bojack Horseman

No one could have anticipated that a talking horse could have made us laugh — or feel — that much. The Netflix animated original series “Bojack Horseman” premiered last August to a great deal of buzz, and did not disappoint. After experiencing critical success in its first season, Netflix recently announced that a second season… Read More

Why you should be super excited about “Supergirl”

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Warner Bros. building upon the successes of “Arrow” and “The Flash.” Along with executive producer Greg Berlanti, the WB has begun to colonize space on CBS for their superhero universe with the upcoming “Supergirl.”   Starring Melissa Benoist — a transplant to the DC universe from “Glee,” much… Read More

6 shows to gear you up for the summer TV lineup

Television screen on a beach with an island background.

There’s no denying it; the realm of television is entering a new golden era. New distribution formats, such as Netflix, provides fresh outlets to original and re-booted classic content. On top of that, better access to cheaper visual effects have allowed TV networks to create more epic and grandiose programming than ever before — see:… Read More

FX’s Summer TV Lineup: The Good “Tyrant,” The Bad “Bridge,” The Ugly “Strain”

There is an ominous cloud on the TV viewing horizon as something wicked comes our way this summer.   FX network’s new summer lineup of shows is imposing, packed with lots of potential, and their success may catch other broadcast TV networks by surprise. Indeed, FX’s roster for the summer speaks to a network that… Read More