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Brazil bans corporate donations for political campaigns

Supreme Court of Brazil

Brazil’s Supreme Court ruled in an 8-3 decision on Thursday that corporate contributions can no longer be given to fund political campaigns or parties.   Before the court’s ruling, corporate contributions made up over 90 percent of the funding during Brazil’s recent presidential elections. The case has spent the last two years in court after it… Read More

What It Feels Like for a Girl, Supreme Court Sides with Hobby Lobby

Yesterday’s momentous decision by the nation’s highest court to exempt for-profit corporations like Hobby Lobby from federally mandated contraception coverage is yet another reminder that the US government and even our own society does not have women’s backs. Whether citizens want to admit it or not, this verdict does contribute to the culture wars of… Read More

Supreme Court Speaks: Hobby Lobby Exempt from Contraception Mandate

Yesterday, the Supreme Court handed down its much-anticipated decision on Christian craft chain Hobby Lobby’s challenge to the Affordable Care Act. In a narrow 5-4 verdict, the nation’s highest court ruled that closely-held companies, such as Hobby Lobby, may apply for exemptions to federally mandated contraception coverage based on the religious objections of the owners.… Read More

In Bold Move, Obama Finally Tackles Climate Change

Barack Obama is nearing the end of his presidential road, and the view outside his windows is not a comforting one. Behind him, the rocky early years of his presidency fade into the mists of history. Ahead of him, the stomach-churning prospect of an actively obstructionist Republican majority in the House and Senate rears its… Read More