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The Santa Barbara oil spill: Just how bad is it?

Two boys struggle against oil slicked shores to reach a duck covered in crude oil

Many Californians feel an immense kinship with the Pacific Ocean. From agriculture, to summer recreation, to providing desalinated water in an attempt alleviate the drought, California’s connection and dependence on the ocean is undeniable. For this reason, we must take threats to the Pacific — such as the recent oil spill in Santa Barbara — seriously.… Read More

Bébé steps: France implements small changes in quest for sustainability

Woman shopping in a French supermarket

Adopting sustainable practices is a noble and modern idea which individuals and businesses constantly seek in order to better themselves and the environment. It is now a new idea in terms of bettering an entire nation.   France has begun to promote sustainability on a nationwide scale. The French national assembly voted unanimously to pass a new law which battles… Read More

California mandates first ever water restrictions in the face of massive drought

A drought stricken desert area

Few states boast the varied environments and ecosystem unique to California. By car, one could see the temperate beaches of Orange County, the sun-kissed Mojave Desert, and even the snowy mountains of Big Bear. However, the equilibrium of these ecosystems is in jeopardy, under threat from the worst drought in the history of The Golden… Read More

From the trash to the table: WastED pop up redefines sustainability in the restaurant industry

We all like to consider ourselves involved in the sustainability movement. For many, the most prevalent method of introducing sustainability into our lives is through our food and our eating habits. Despite the hype surrounding food and sustainability, one pop-up restaurant in New York managed to venture into new territory, taking the movement to a… Read More

One man’s trash: Rising fashion brand Garbage Gone Glam transforms trash into couture

Fashion is an art form. It is a way for designers to tell a story, make a statement, and express themselves and their ideas. For rising designer and entrepreneur Kristen Alyce, the story being told through her garments could not be a more fresh idea in fashion: turning trash into couture.   Alyce launched her company,… Read More

Mindful Shopping: Online Retailer Zady Launches “Sourced In” Initiative to Promote Conscious Consumerism

The online retailer Zady began as a site with the goal of creating a new standard in clothing. The creators of the site, Maxine Bédat and Soraya Darabi, sought to build a shopping experience which was driven by products made with not just style and quality in mind, but environmental impact and high labor standard… Read More

The “Poo Bus”: U.K. Sets New Sustainability Standard With Bio-Bus, the First to Run on Human, Food Waste

Recycling, using less water, and using energy-efficient light bulbs — these are just a few of the many ways in which we can reduce our carbon footprint. Another major step is reducing pollution, which can be achieved by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, such as by using less gasoline. For many, this means riding a bike when… Read More