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Lilly Pulitzer’s fat-shaming crisis highlights role of individual employees in brand imaging

Picture of a food table at Lilly Pulitzer headquarters.

Women’s clothing line Lilly Pulitzer found itself in a sticky situation after being the subject of an article published in New York Magazine. The article’s original intent was to give readers a look into the fashion line’s headquarters, but instead was criticized for a harsh display of fat-shaming.     The article is a slideshow… Read More

Which Brands Pulled the Best April Fools’ Day Pranks?

April fools day picture

April Fools’ Day: A day when brands and individuals alike pull out the stops to prank us gullible and unsuspecting consumers. This year was no exception. Brands like Amazon, Google, Samsung, and Netflix all got in on the action. Not all brands are able to pull off a good April Fools’ prank – some because they can’t,… Read More

Trader Joe’s Recalls Hummus for Possible Listeria Contamination

Hummus is a health craze everyone can get on board with. The amazing texture, the healthy fats and awesome fiber, how you can pair it with just about anything (carrots, pita bread, crackers!) — the benefits are endless. Making it at home back be a breeze, and it is even easier to make all sorts of… Read More