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AI Park: China To Build $2.1 Billion Technology Theme Park

Artificial Intelligence

During my stint at Tragic Kingdom, one of the theme parks at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, I was overtaken by the feeling of nostalgia, almost as if the entire park was a time capsule. While there were constant renovations and new construction — otherwise known as “Pixie Dust” — occurring throughout the 107-acre… Read More

Upcoming Apple announcements: Big news or big hype?

Today, Apple will hold their annual Worldwide Developers Conference at the Moscone Center in San Francisco; some information is finally being released as to what will be presented to developers.   The purpose of this conference is to show software developers the newest software and technology that Apple will be releasing to the public.   During… Read More

Apple’s “Spring Forward” keynote event presents new Apple watch

Apple keynote events consistently demand worldwide attention. The hype behind them is so big that a website exists called wheniskeynote.com.   In the weeks before keynote events, Apple aficionados speculate over what surprises will be announced. The most recent Apple event, “Spring Forward,” took place last week in Cupertino, California.   Among the first of CEO… Read More