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Phone booths may regain their relevance with the help of Google

Image of a phone booth

Payphones may be considered obsolete with the invention and popularity of cell phones, but Google plans on changing that.   In May, the Google financed startup, Sidewalk Labs, was created to make technological changes that will enhance efficiency in U.S. cities. The company recently announced its investment in LinkNYC’s plan to repurpose 10,000 New York… Read More

“There’s an app for that,” and the music industry should take advantage

Pictures of music artists with a line of social media logos.

Just a few months ago, Instagram launched their new account @music to embrace its musically inclined user base. Now, the music business is moving to embrace its social media user base. Mobile apps like Snapchat already have standing agreements with record labels, including Warner Music Group, Vice Media, and Comedy Central. This trend is slowly spreading… Read More

Busted selfies: Social media is now a vital tool for law enforcement

Screen shot of Facebook

Social media is great for finding out the latest celebrity gossip, catching up with long lost friends, and now it’s great for catching criminals as well. With the era-defining trend of selfies in full swing, law enforcement officials are able to catch more criminals.   It is ironic how many criminals are caught due to their… Read More