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The Downside of Your Workout: How Exercise May Potentially Hurt Oral Health

Exercise is one of the most important steps to achieving a healthy body and mind, and has always been prescribed as one of the most essential components in an overall healthy lifestyle. However, a recent study has suggested that exercise may not be 100 percent beneficial in all aspects of health. In fact, while exercise… Read More

Brightening Up Your Smile at Home: 3 Natural Teeth-Whitening Solutions

When your teeth have gone from pearly whites to dull not-so-whites, it might be time to take action. If professional teeth-whitening is not an option, there are several natural solutions that can be extremely effective in removing stains and discoloration from your teeth.   While it’s important to remember that none of these techniques can… Read More

Smile for the Laser! How Scientists are Using Light Therapy to Regenerate Teeth

Teeth are curious things. These elegant little bits of bone, dentin, and enamel serve a wide range of purposes, from cutting and crushing food to serving as convenient physical accomplices to our emotional expressions. Important as they are, our pearly whites are not particularly trustworthy subjects. They turn mutinous and macabre when left neglected, decaying… Read More