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‘Arrow’ season 4: Poised to take a new direction

Stephen Amell as Green Arrow for season four promo

The third season of “Arrow” marked a major decline for the series in terms of quality; many of the new elements introduced simply did not work, while old ones became decidedly stale. Despite this disappointment, the upcoming fourth season of “Arrow” seems poised to take the superhero in a considerably new direction.   Social media savant… Read More

TLC pushes anti-child abuse narrative after Duggar controversy

The Duggar family

Since May, TLC has been contemplating the cancellation of their reality show “19 Kids and Counting” following the Josh Duggar molestation allegations. Finally, the show is at its end.   TLC’s television show that followed the life of the Duggar family ran for 10 seasons, but the pressure the network was facing to cancel it… Read More

“The Flash” finale falls short after thrilling season

Close up of The Flash

Run, Barry, run! After a season of watching young Barry Allen test his limits, we finally got a glimpse of a confident, self-reliant Flash during the finale. This season of “The Flash” has seen its ups and downs, but all in all, provided consistently entertaining superhero action. It by far surpasses this past season of “Arrow”… Read More

The Muppets are back, all grown up!

Kermit the Frog and Gonzo from The Muppets pilot episode

Revered children’s television series, “The Muppets,” made the cut during ABC’s recent renewal frenzy. “Big Bang Theory” co-creator Bill Prady is the genius behind this “contemporary” and “more adult” perspective on America’s favorite puppets. Audiences have seen the G-rated entertainment skills of the Muppets, but now the camera crews are gearing up to explore the personal lives… Read More

Actor Stephen Collins Admits to Child Molestation, But Proves That Wording is Everything

The news of comedy and television icon Bill Cosby’s sexual assault allegations came as a shock to the public. It was hard to imagine that a celebrity who had made a name for himself making audiences laugh and providing kid-friendly entertainment could be involved in such a disturbing scandal. Now, similar news has shaken the… Read More

Top Four Awesome Female Characters in Television

Over the ages, and still to this day, women have often been misrepresented in television. The female characters either adhere to the ditsy, feminine, infantile stereotype; to the “tomboy” category — rigid, unsmiling, cold but tough as nails; the mother; and the temptress. These are loose interpretations of the different archetypes of women, but you… Read More

Five Shows Worth Revisiting to Get You From Summer to Fall Programming

With our favorite summer shows coming to an end and the fall just around the corner but not quite near enough to keep us occupied for a few weeks, you’re probably feeling just as lost as we are. Now, you could use this time to sort out your expenses, get some paperwork done, the spring… Read More

Top Three Most Outrageously Funny Shows on TV for Your Saturday

The cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine (google.com)

Here’s a question: What is the point of Saturday if it isn’t a day set aside for the sole purpose of shamelessly binge-watching your favorite TV shows for hours on end? Here’s an answer: There is no point to that Saturday. We at MUIPR would like to guide you in the direction of the most outrageously funny TV… Read More