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Major news networks misreport terror attack in Israel

On Wednesday, there was a deadly terrorist shooting that killed four and left 16 others wounded in Tel Aviv, Israel. Terrorist who carried out the #TelAviv terror attack among wounded being treated in hospital https://t.co/jAzXSBjdIE https://t.co/rLWDMItpR7 — Israel Foreign Min. (@IsraelMFA) June 9, 2016   Eyewitnesses described terrorists disguised as religious Jews coming into Tel… Read More

ISIS or Daesh?

The jihadist group now controlling huge amounts of territory in Iraq and Syria has accumulated an array of names from the public, many world powers, the media, and government officials. Most media platforms refer to the group as “ISIL” or “ISIS,” which originates from the former terms: “Islamic State in Iraq and Syria” and “Islamic… Read More

The aftermath for American Muslims after Brussels attacks

Over 30 people were killed and 200 wounded following the terrorist attacks in Brussels, Belgium last month. The violent events shocked the people of the United States, bringing not only fear to the public, but also additional discrimination against Muslim communities.   Over 60 percent of American Muslims have faced some kind of discrimination in… Read More

Brussels terrorist attacks: Presidential candidates respond

Last week’s terrorist attacks in Brussels, Belgium caused worldwide panic, and left the people of the United States anxiously waiting for a response from the five remaining presidential candidates. The statements made by each of the candidates was a strong reflection of their views for international relations and the fight against terrorism.   The initial… Read More

Stockholm syndrome evident in Boko Haram captives

African woman and child

As early as August 2014, a social commentator for the Nigerian Vanguard noted the possibility of Stockholm syndrome manifesting in the Chibok girls, students who were kidnapped by Nigerian terrorist group Boko Haram. With Stockholm syndrome, the fear that comes with being kidnapped is replaced with another emotion. This is a huge possibility for young… Read More

Lebanon bombings go ignored in recent series of ISIS attacks

Man walks under the Eiffel Tower

France was hit with a monumental tragedy on Friday, when over 120 people were killed in Paris by a combination of ISIS-credited suicide bombings and mass shootings. Similar attacks by ISIS occurred around the world within the same week, yet these other acts of terrorism haven’t been given as much media attention.             Suicide… Read More