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Lebanon bombings go ignored in recent series of ISIS attacks

Man walks under the Eiffel Tower

France was hit with a monumental tragedy on Friday, when over 120 people were killed in Paris by a combination of ISIS-credited suicide bombings and mass shootings. Similar attacks by ISIS occurred around the world within the same week, yet these other acts of terrorism haven’t been given as much media attention.             Suicide… Read More

Six Iranians Released from Jail after Making “Happy” Video

Updated Sep. 21, 2014: According to BBC, young Iranians arrested several months ago for making Tehran version of Pharell Williams “Happy,” receive severe sentence, one year in jail and 91 lashes.   Originally Published On May 22, 2014: Seven Iranians were arrested after they posted a fan video of themselves dancing to Pharrell William’s song… Read More

Folk Bands of the Moment

Folk is a very abstract and broad genre of music that can be hard to follow at times because of the underground nature of the music and the frequency with which bands shuffle, collaborate, and change within the genre. But at the same time, folk is one of the most musically versatile, soulful, and emotional… Read More