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Running Hollywood: Tom Cruise’s 5 best films

Tom Cruise

Few actors have sustained career a career as long and prolific as Tom Cruise; this is only more impressive when one considers that most of Cruise’s films involve high-octane action and visceral thrills. Love him or hate him, the world’s most famous Scientologist has amassed an impressive filmography. With his most recent film — “Mission… Read More

‘Going Clear’: Tom Cruise reportedly leaving Scientology

Tom Cruise speaks at an event for the Church of Scientology

You have to hand it to Tom Cruise. Over the last three decades, he has established himself as a Hollywood institution; in total, his films have had an aggregate box office gross of over $6 billion — that’s nothing to scoff at.   Between the upcoming release of “Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation,” and the recent announcement… Read More

Danger zone: ‘Top Gun 2’ on the way

Tom Cruise on a motorcycle in the original "Top Gun" movie

After three decades, the classic 1980’s blockbuster “Top Gun” still holds up remarkably well. Blending two quintessentially American film genres — sports and war — the film turned Tom Cruise into a viable action star and perfectly summed up the United States during the Reagan-era.     Last week, Skydance Productions CEO David Ellison announced… Read More

“Edge Of Tomorrow” Plays It Safe

It happens every summer. In some strange, mutinous, bovine migration writ large across America, moviegoers chase away the icy anguish of winter and usher in the sun-dappled, hazy days of summer by happily watching as the world goes and gets itself destroyed. Yes, there is really no better way to celebrate the symbolical renaissance of… Read More