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NFL Week 15 Preview: Thank You, Cowboys, for the Gift that Keeps on Giving

It has not exactly been the best year to talk about Roger Goodell’s “master plan,” or to even suggest that such a plan exists. If we restrict the conversation to on-field issues, however, we can at least acknowledge that his decision to stack the final three weeks of the schedule with intra-division rivalry games has… Read More

NFL Week 10 Preview: Trying to Forget the Bengals and Preparing for Mark Sanchez Reloaded

We’ve long since given up hope for competitive, entertaining football on Thursday nights, but it was almost as hard to look away from this week’s Bengals vs. Browns match up as it was to watch it. Cincinnati has reached shocking levels of ineptitude over the past month, and Thursday’s performance – or lack thereof –… Read More

NFL Week Six Preview: Digging Dallas (and Other Embarrassing Things We’re Willing to Admit)

It’s an NFL fan’s worst nightmare, and, thankfully, we have not had to confront this issue in many years. We must, however, finally look ourselves in the mirror and admit that the Dallas Cowboys are actually a fun team to root for this year. We’re not sure how it happened, as this was the year… Read More