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Why do Nigerians have the power to dictate what African watches?

Nigeria often self-describes as the “giant of Africa.” Now, it seems the giant of Africa has the power to pull off shows disrupting the viewing pleasures of others throughout the continent. “I Am Cait,” the show the follows the life of Caitlyn Jenner after her gender transition will not be showing anymore on Multichoice’s E!… Read More

Reactions to North Carolina’s anti-LGBT Bill

North Carolina recently passed a bill that openly discriminates against the LGBT community. Also known as the “Bathroom Bill,” House Bill 2 was signed into action by Gov. Pat McCrory. It prevents local North Carolina governments from passing their own anti-discrimination measures. Specifically, the bill bans transgender individuals from using the bathroom in which they… Read More

Watch what you tweet: Bad reactions to latest Vanity Fair cover

Caitlyn Jenner's cover for Vanity Fair

Twitter can be a great medium to express yourself to a large audience, but it can also get you in trouble, if you aren’t careful with what you’re expressing.   Earlier this month, Vanity Fair released their July cover to the public. It showcases Caitlyn Jenner with the headline, “Call Me Caitlyn,” which created uplifting feelings… Read More

12-Year-Old Boy Receives Historical New Birth Certificate in Canada

In a historical move, Canada law has allowed a 12-year-old transgendered boy in Alberta to change his sex on his birth certificate.   The 12-year-old boy, named Wren Kauffman, filed a complaint with the Alberta Human Rights Commission “based on the inability to amend his listed sex.” Similar complaints were filed in three other provinces… Read More